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Claretian Associates

Year founded



Angela Hurlock

Executive Director

NCP staff

Jacqueline Samuel

NCP director

Graciela Robledo

NCP organizer

Contact information

9108 S. Brandon Ave. Chicago, IL 60617
(773) 734-9181 phone
(773) 734-9221 fax

Organization mission

Claretian Associates builds community within the culturally diverse neighborhood of South Chicago by working with community leaders, residents and organizations to provide affordable housing and related services for low- and moderate-income people, building resident-based leadership and serving as a catalyst in creating innovative solutions to community problems.

Vision for the future

We will reinvent South Chicago by building upon our history, institutions, values, diversity and arts and culture. We will create a safe, strong communitywhere neighbors know one another and have a shared commitment to the future. Our neighborhood will come alive with new green spaces, environmental programs, community events and cultural activities. South Chicago will be a thriving neighborhood where institutions, businesses and new development at the South Works site will meet the needs of residents—and where people of all ages have numerous opportunities for growth.

- From the 2007 South Chicago quality-of-life and arts-in-action plan

Accomplishments to date

For more than a decade, Claretian Associates has built a web of relationships and activities that have affirmed our faith in the future of South Chicago. Continuing our housing development activities in a targeted 12-block area where we have created a total of 125 affordable homes and apartments, Claretian has simultaneously worked with other community partners to undertake housing development projects and services tht have enriched the lives of the entire Southeast Chicago area. In the process, we have transformed a geographic area into a community.

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