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Quad Communities Heroes:
Shirley Newsome, Toni Preckwinkle
The community heroes saluted by the New Communities Program lead agencies and their partners are the ones doing the heavy lifting, often with little acknowledgement or reward.
Neighborhoods convene to 'Get it Done' 1/15/2008
Neighborhood leaders and community development practitioners from Chicago and around the country will come together for a two-day work session on March 26 and 27 to share how they improve the places they live and work. Learn more about the conference and register on-line.
Out of the trenches, onto center stage 12/16/2006
Despite the NCP Community Assembly's downtown feel and location, the event was devoted to honoring Community Heroes for efforts to turn around often-written-off, abandoned and forgotten neighborhoods, and to celebrate their success. It was a day to spotlight “grassroots, in-the-trench work.”
City Council resolution honors Heroes 11/28/2006

Twenty-eight neighborhood leaders from across the city were designated "Community Heroes" by New Communities Program lead agencies and their partners. Community Heroes offer passion, strength and talent to improve their neighborhoods. These extraordinary "ordinary" people were honored for their commitment to neighborhood activism in a Chicago City Council resolution, which was introduced by Alderman Toni Preckwinkle.

Heroes: Amanda Deisch, Nicole Jones 11/22/2006
Community Heroes are individuals who offer their passion, strength and talent to improve their neighborhoods, benefiting people who may never know them by name, but who will reap the rewards of their work. The Community Heroes for Quad Communities, which includes Douglas, Grand Blvd., and North Kenwood-Oakwood, are Amanda Deisch and Nicole Jones. They were selected, along with 26 others from across the city, by the New Communities Program lead agencies and their partners. Congratulations to these extraordinary "ordinary" people for their steadfast commitment to improving Chicago neighborhoods.
Fresh start for Quad Communities 5/11/2006
Quad Communities Development Corporation is embarked on a tricky balancing act. It’s trying to shape–but not discourage–a torrent of new residential development, much of it upscale replacements for demolished public housing. And it’s trying to guard the interests of long-time residents–African-American families who held their ground during the hard times and hope to benefit from the neighborhood’s comeback.
NCP groups meet with Mayor Daley 1/28/2006
Leaders from NCP neighborhoods visited City Hall this fall for a series of fifth-floor meetings with Mayor Richard M. Daley. The 50-minute sit-downs came at the invitation of the mayor, who wanted to learn more about the neighborhood quality-of-life plans and how they are being implemented.
Quad Communities CDC rolls out a small business event calendar 8/24/2005
As part of QCDC's capacity building initiatives, it recently compiled a calendar of all of the classes, seminars and networking events available to existing business owners and entrepreneurs. This calendar will serve as a tool to keep local businesses informed about events within the area and across the city of Chicago that offer resources and technical assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs.
43rd & Cottage TIF meeting minutes, April 2005 5/8/2005
The 4th Ward and QCDC hosted the first 43rd & Cottage Grove TIF Advisory Council Community Meeting on April 13th at the King Community Service Center. Participants were able to meet the members of the newly formed TIF Advisory Council and hear findings from a retail market study.
Agency Thumbnail: The Fund 4/17/2005
The Fund for Community Redevelopment and Revitalization is a catalyst in bringing together various constituencies to promote a coordinated approach to community renewal in Woodlawn and North Kenwood-Oakland.

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