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Quality-of-Life Planning Handbook

This handbook provides a roadmap to the quality-of-life planning process. It provides guidelines for organizing the process, a sample schedule and examples of components that will become part of the plan. Contact us to purchase printed copies. Also available in Spanish (does not include all graphics from the English version).

Updated Quality-of-Life plans

Pilsen: A Center of Mexican Life

Pilsen, on Chicago's Southwest Side, is one of the city's largest Latino communities, known for its bustling streets (18th Street, lined by shops and restaurants, is the main drag) and lively Mexican culture. The Resurrection Project, established in 1990, is leading NCP redevelopment efforts there.

South Chicago: Change on the Horizon

Not that long ago, South Chicago was synonymous with steel, which was produced in great quantities there. But as that business waned, so did the community. Recently, however, residents and community organizations have brought new life to neighborhoods that had been in decline.

West Haven: Rising Like the Phoenix

The Near West Side, on the outskirts of Chicago's loop, suffered serious disinvestment following the disturbances of the late 1960s, as businesses and residents fled for more secure surroundings. But following construction of the United Center, the West Haven neighborhood witnesses the arrival of more affluent newcomers who have renovated buildings next door to rehabbed Chicago Housing Authority apartments.

Quality-of-Life plans 2005

Ten new quality-of-life plans were officially released by New Communities Program neighborhoods on May 18, 2005, culminating 18 months of planning that involved more than 3,500 people citywide. Each of the plans is available in Adobe PDF format below. These are large downloads (about 5 MB each), so they may take a while on slower connections. Shorter summaries are also available.

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Quality-of-Life Planning

Summary of all the NCP plans: Chicago Neighborhood Plans

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Economic profiles, links to resources on affordable housing, child care, organizational development, market research, fundraising, and other topics of interest to CDCs. Existing land use, school test scores, and more.

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